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About SocTrade Group

SocTrade Group is a joint Russian-Swedish company specialized in supplying laboratory and analytical equipment for quality control laboratories as well as research equipment and pilot units for scientific-research laboratories and R&D departments of manufacturing facilities.

SocTrade was found in 1982 as a consulting company to provide the advisory services for USSR quality control laboratories both for quality control techniques selection and choosing of the equipment for its performance. Since 1986 SocTrade  Group performs direct delivery of the laboratory equipment and carries out full fitting out both quality control laboratories and research laboratories in Russia and CIS states, where our Russian, Ukrainian and Kazakhstani offices successfully work. In the course of the years of effective and fruitful work our company collects a grate experience and a wide range of loyal clients in the following branches:

1)     Scientific laboratories and research & development departments

2)     Quality control in pharmacy and microbiology

3)     Nanotechnologies, analysis of nanoparticles and materials

4)     Quality control in petroleum industry

5)     Quality control in agro industry and food industry


About Soctrade – Lab

Soctrade – Lab is one of the leading division of SocTrade Group, which specialized in reactor equipment and pharmaceutical industry quality control apparatus.

Our specialists are experts in first three branches of the activity, mentioned above. They are always ready to provide competent advice for equipment choosing and answer any other question. More information about reactor equipment you can get on www.reactor-lab.ru, pharmacy and microbiology quality control equipment are described on www.soctrade-lab.ru.

Our capability, work experience at the laboratory equipment market and staff qualification permit to solve any problems associated with providing different laboratories with high-grade and troubleproof equipment, which meet our customers requirements in the best way, and has optimal quality-price ratio.


Our mission –

to solve problems and questions of our customers in more flexible, fast and effective way, using both long-term and mutually beneficial relationship and assignment of full range of services:

  • Supply of equipment, lab furniture and wear parts
  • Equipment design and manufacturing according to international standards ASTM, IP, EN-ISO; USP, EP, IP Pharmacopeias and Russian standards GOST and Russian Pharmacopoeia
  • Equipment mounting and starting up
  • Technical support and personnel training
  • Maintenance service, warranty and post-warranty service
  • Technique design
  • Incorporation of the equipment in State Register of Measuring Instruments
  • Calibration, verification, validation and qualification (IQ, OQ, PQ)


We have an active dialog with equipment manufacturers, certification body agents, key scientists and experts of organizations. We permanently monitor the modern techniques and regulatory documents changes. We take a part in every profile exhibition, symposiums and conferences, organize scientific and training workshop. All of this permits us to provide our customers with high-grade equipment and support the high quality of our service over the years.


Our customers and partners

The customers of our company – leading enterprises in own branches, which attend to high quality equipment and service. Many of them have long-term contracts with us and some of them collaborate with us during decades.

Our partners – leading global producers of high – grade laboratory and technologic equipment from USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, and Asia, such as Parr Instrument (USA), Particle Measuring Systems (USA), Brookhaven Instruments (USA), IONICS (Canada), HEL (United Kingdom), Tintometer (United Kingdom), Parker Hannifin (UK), Perten (Sweden), Huber (Germany), Binder (Germany), Herolab (Germany), Postnova (Germany), DataPhysics (Germany), Pharmatest (Germany), Velp Scientifica (Italy), Solaris Biotechnology (Italy), Biotool (Switzerland), Chopin (France), Interscience (France), Technoglas (the Netherlands), Grabner Instruments (Austria), Asahi Glassplant (Japan), Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing (Japan), Tanaka Scientific (Japan), etc.

More information about our partners you can get in the section «Our partners», and also at our web-site www.soctrade.com. SocTrade is an authorized distributor of these companies in Russia and CIS states. At this moment we collaborate with more then 60 world producers. We have exclusive agreements.


Cooperation with Manufacturers

Since we are constantly developing and expanding our business, we are open for new projects and challenges. If you are interested in promoting your equipment and instruments on the Russian market, we will gladly discuss the possibility of our cooperation with a view to distributing your equipment and providing its technical and metrological support.


Contact Us

Our office is easy to reach by car or by public transport, just within walking distance of metro station “Sokol”. The address of Soctrade Lab office is

Russian Federation, Moscow, Alabyana street, 13, 2, office XXV

Please, feel free to call or e-mail us:

Tel.: +7 (495) 150-03-08

E-mail: info@soctrade-lab.ru